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Natural Pest Control Outdoors (PCO)-

Pest Control Outdoors (PCO) is our large molecule, 100% biological pesticide, an excellent alternative to chemical pesticides. PCO is made up of our specially modified red Texas cedar oil and ethyl lactate, a bio solvent made from corn. PCO loves water. It has been designed to work synergistically when mixed with large amount of water. PCO can be easily applied with a hose-end sprayer.

Treating with Pest Control Outdoors is very inexpensive way to resolve many other non-insect issues such as scale on plants, powdery mildew and all of the normal lawn fungal problems that grassy areas experience. Repeat application of PCO promotes a high carbon residual in the soil that enhances the microbial activity essential for healthy growth. To keep snakes and rats away apply PCO in yard and garden areas. Treat along fence lines, corners or entry points. Treat anywhere you don't want snakes or rats. These pests will avoid the area after treatment. Many folks also create a natural snake repelling barrier using aromatic cedar granules near snake and rat prone entry points.

The PCO treatment is all about breaking and controlling the egg laying cycle in your yard. When you can eliminate the eggs and larvae, you are thwarting the hatch of the next generation of insects. That’s how you win the war on bugs in your yard.

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How Does Pest Control Outdoor Work?

When you treat your yard and garden with PCO and water, two things happen-

First- The modified cedar oil component acts as a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the insect’s mental capacity. The treated area no longer attracts them, creating a barrier of re-entry by blocking the insect’s octopamine neuroreceptors, they can no longer detect the area’s emission of kairomones, the treatment masks these semiochemical communicating messages that tell the bug about potential food and habitat. Literally sensing “a void” in your yard, the pests are repelled off in search of greener pastures in your neighbor’s yard.

Pest Control Outdoors Kills Biting Bugs Without Harming Honeybees, Butterflies, Ladybugs and Other Sight-Driven Beneficial Pollinators.

Pest Control Outdoors Kills Biting Bugs Without Harming Honeybees, Butterflies, Ladybugs and Other Sight-Driven Beneficial Pollinators.

Second- The Ethyl lactate and water combine to create a mild, yet effective bio-solvent that immediately begins to etch through and dissolve the exoskeleton of insects.  All insects have a protective structure of armor on the outside, adult insects, larvae and eggs depends on their protective shell for survival. PCO is designed to rupture and breach the insect’s protective exterior. Insect eggs and larvae are particularly vulnerable to this bio solvent soak and are easily killed. PCO will allow you to control unwanted insect pests like fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes, scorpions, beetles, mole crickets, grubs, chinch bugs and many others.  PCO will not sight driven beneficial insects like butterflies and honey bees. PCO will not harm birds, fish or amphibians.

How to Apply Pest Control Outdoors (PCO)

Pour 4-8 ounces of the PCO concentrate into the cup of the hose end applicator provided with the product (cup has legend).  Fill to the 26 Ounce line with tap water. Attach to the water hose, turn the lever to on and initiate spraying.  Each cup of solution will dilute 20 gallons of water spray, when the cup is empty, refill the cup with another 4-8 ounces of Pest Control Outdoors. Repeat as often as necessary to complete the initial soaking. The first application is the most important, your objective is to liberally soak all areas of your yard including but not limited to the flower beds, organic garden, shrubbery, trees, grass and concrete areas and of course, any standing water.  We suggest you wash down the side of your structures working from the building outward from foundation to fence lines, spray and soak everything, all bug hiding places.

Pest Control Outdoors Follow Up Treatments

Follow up applications should be conducted as required. Since PCO is a 100% biological pesticide containing zero nerve-toxic agents, you cannot over treat. Some customers deliberately treat when it rains to achieve maximum subterranean penetration. If you follow this protocol, you can say goodbye to tomorrow’s pest insects, snakes and rats. Plus, scorpions and spiders too will abandon your yard once you’ve eliminated their food supply.

Pest Control Outdoors is an All-Natural Insecticide-Ovicide

Remember Insects lay eggs in multiples of 300 to 500 eggs in their short lifetime. The PCO non-toxic outdoor treatment is all about breaking and controlling the egg laying cycle in your yard. PCO is an all-natural insecticide-ovicide. This non-toxic PCO treatment will drive away a good number of today’s bugs during treatment. However that is not our primary focus, our approach is to provide non-toxic outdoor pest control for the long haul. Rather than battle with today’s bugs, our treatment is designed to kill eggs and larvae. We want to arrest the next hatch and inaugurate a non-toxic and sustainable bug free tomorrow.

Aquatic leaves covered with aphids

Aquatic leaves covered with aphids

Please take a moment to read the experimental log from the good folks at Aquabio Environmental Technologies. They put PCO to the test against aphid populations. The goal was to lose the aphids, without negatively impacting aquatic plant life or harming non-insect animal life. Click to read read more.

Natural and Safe Concentrates For Automated Mosquito Misting Systems

Each new season more and more folks are waking up and seeking a non-toxic alternative for their existing mosquito misting systems. We all want to control mosquitoes and biting parasites without harming pollinators, people and pets.