Deluxe Indoor/Outdoor Pest Control Kit

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Deluxe Indoor/Outdoor Pest Control Kit

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Deluxe Natural Indoor Outdoor Pest Kit

We have come to understand that there are a growing number of parents that refuse to introduce chemical pest control products inside of their sacred living space. Fortunately there are ways to kill bugs naturally without introducing poisons inside your home. The Deluxe Kit comes with 1 gallon of BEST EVER, our Cedar Oil active product. This natural insecticide can be applied in cracks and crevices with the spray bottle or Pump-up sprayer. (Both included)

Natural Indoor Bug Fumigation

The Deluxe Indoor Pest Kit features our Tri-Jet DIY Pest Fogger, a professional grade tool that’s effective and easy to operate. BEST EVER can be applied with either the trigger sprayer or pump-up pressure sprayer, plus it can be dispensed via the DIY Pest Fogger as well, making pest control in your home an easy task. Additionally we have included a handy 4-ounce spritzer of BEST EVER. This green bug spray solution can be used safely on humans and pets as a natural insect killer-repellent. 

The kit provides prudent homeowners with the applicator tools along with the pest control products necessary to get rid of fleas, kill bed bugs and control unwanted insect intruders.

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Molecular Crowding Fumigation With The Tri-Jet Fumigator

The Deluxe Indoor Outdoor Kit includes all products and applicators found in our Natural Indoor Outdoor Kit, with one very important addition- the Tri-Jet Ultra Low Volume Fumigator.

Do it yourself pest control folks that want professional results will be attracted to this handy, lite weight ULV Fogger. It’s easy to keep your home and living space pest free and pesticide free, especially when using any of our green fumigants including Best Ever, d-Mize I, d-Mize II or d-Mize III. Combining the Tri Jet Fumigator with any of these products is perfect for all organic pest control projects. All of our ready-to-use bio pesticide spray fumigants are non-toxic and safe for children and pets.

The Tri-Jet Fogger enables homeowners to molecular crowd the entirety of any space where invading bugs are harboring. This protocol is designed to provide maximum penetration and permeate our non-toxic insecticides into the deepest pockets and bug hiding cavities. Adding the Tri-Jet to your arsenal will give you a real edge when dealing with bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, gnats, earwigs, silverfish and other arthropods that may be inhabiting your home, garage, attic or barn.