Best Ever Indoor Bug Kit

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Best Ever Indoor Bug Kit

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This Kit Includes:

  • Gallon of BEST EVER
  • Pump-Up Sprayer (For Indoor Use)
  • Ready to Fill 32-oz Spray Bottle
  • 4-oz Personal and Refillable Spritzer of BEST EVER


A Natural Bug Killing Alternative for Indoor Control

The Indoor Bug Kit comes with every thing you need to chase bugs out of your home without the risk of contamination that can negatively impact the health of our families, pets and planet.



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With 1 Gallon of Best Ever:
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Best Ever- Safe, Effective and Versatile

Best Ever is a broad based insecticidal-ovicidal product for general indoor use. A direct spray of Best Ever is murder on bugs, including eggs and all nymph stages. Best Ever provides multiple bug protecting uses. Spritz Best Ever on exposed skin and clothing as a personal and DEET free mosquito repellent, safe for babies too. Instantly kill fleas on pets with this highly effective natural spray. Use this kit to effectively and non-toxically clear your home of seasonal pests.

People and Pet Safe Ingredients That Kill Bugs Naturally

The Best Ever Indoor Bug Kit features a full gallon of our most popular single component bug killing spray, Best Ever. Best Ever is a FIFRA 25b product. The Environmental Protection Agency considers both the active ingredient in this product, (Juniperus Virginiana L. Cedar oil) as well as the micro-sized carrier, Silicic acid, as GRAS components. (Generally Recognized as Safe)


The Indoor Bug killer kit comes with three useful applicators, a ready to fill 32-oz. spray bottle for flying bugs and crack and crevice spraying, a ½ gallon Pump-up Sprayer to lay down a barrier spray or to extend spray coverage into hard to reach nooks and crannies. 

Additionally, the personal and refillable 4-oz spritzer provides convenient natural bug control on the go. Many customers call the 4-oz spritzer their personal mosquito repellent dispenser. The spritzer make an excellent take-along, on-pet sprayer to instantly kill fleas on pets. The successful control of advancing indoor pests starts with our Best Ever Natural Indoor Bug kit.

Kill Unwanted Indoor Bugs Without Poison

The Best Ever Non-Toxic Indoor Bug Kit comes with everything you need to control fleas, ants, bed bugs, roaches, earwigs, silverfish and a long list of home invading insects without turning to human and pet killing poisons.

Our Indoor Bug Kit includes the product and applicators required to kill bugs instantly. Our kit will protect your sacred living space from bothersome bugs and keep your family and pets safe by avoiding nerve-toxic chemical insecticide products.